Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chocolate shake, medium food in action

When I was pregnant with my second son last summer and working two jobs, my son, Gavin, was unfortunately introduced to the drive-thru and the chocolate shake. What was I thinking? Well, I was pregnant so I'll use that as my excuse and leave it at that.

My husband and I have always been great with how we feed Gav. Organic baby foods, whole grain breads, etc. But I broke our streak. And as I should have expected, Gavin took a liking to those junky shakes. I knew I had to find a replacement that Gav would accept ASAP.

Occasionally, we stop by Jamba Juice. Those smoothies can really get expensive so that's why I say, occasionally. I also understand the high amount of sugar some of them can pack, another good reason not to visit often. Anyhow, I remembered they have a chocolate smoothie. So the next time my son requested a chocolate shake, that's where we would go.

The request inevitably came and my plan was set into motion. As soon as he realized we weren't heading in the direction of the chocolate shake place, he protested. I confidently told him not to worry, we were indeed on our way to get him a chocolate shake. As we parked, he unhappily said "this is the smoothie place mommy, not where I get my chocolate shake!" Again, confidently and with excitement, I told him that the smoothie place makes chocolate shakes too! I must have been convincing because his concern subsided and after inside, he waited calmly for his "chocolate shake."

I was a bit nervous upon handing him the cup. He looked through the clear lid and after a second of concern on his face, his eyes lit up. The contents within looked like his familiar treat and then after the first sip, a big smile appeared. I smiled back at him and he said "mommy, it is my chocolate shake!" I said "see honey, mommy told you they made chocolate shakes here."

I got lucky. My son made the switch without an issue. Now, going to Jamba Juice is automatically what he expects when we go out for a shake. I'm proud of him and of me for nipping this potential taste for junky fast food in the bud.

And as an FYI, here's the nutritional info comparison:




Jamba Juice Chocolate Moo'd, 16 oz.43048627711
Fast Food Chocolate Shake, 16 oz.5801410218413

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