Monday, November 1, 2010

No Halloween candy to be found... Is that a bad thing?

Even though I'm a little sad to see October go, I am welcoming November with open arms (and an empty candy jar)... Okay, I don't have an actual candy jar but you know what I mean. We did get the boys dressed up and we even went to a Halloween party. There was some treats at the party but they we're small and the only one Gavin was really interested in was the pumpkin shaped cookie. I must spend a moment on the cookie. They had two or three tables set up for the kids to decorate their cookie. Each child got a paper plate with a cookie, a small container of frosting, a small container of candies and a plastic knife. Gav had a lot of fun spreading the frosting then decorating the cookie with the little candies. I love stuff like this. It's creative and it gives the kids the feeling of making their own treat. So much better than a handful of packaged candy. After the party, we went home. The boys had a nice time, my husband and I had a nice time and this morning, none of us feel like anything is missing. As much as I LOVE a Reese's pumpkin or any shape of Reese's for that matter, it's nice not to have a bag of junk around to contend with.

I know to some it may sound like a terrible thing - no Halloween candy to pick at throughout the week? But I think it's great. Treats taste better when there's some effort put into them. From measuring and mixing it all yourself to the cookie Gav decorated last night, it all adds so much to the pleasure of eating a treat. In regards to budget, it really doesn't apply in this instance. Bags of Halloween candy are pretty cheap and the bulk of what you end up with is free so homemade goodies are bound to cost more but in the long run are a better choice. Remember though - everything in moderation. Have Halloween candy in the house? Have a little. Then throw it out. :)

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  1. 4 kids + Halloween = a crapload of candy. I sent half of it to work with the hubs (and am officially the coolest wife ever LOL).