Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Switch Witch is coming!

Happy Halloween! I like Halloween, the cute and fun side that is. I'm not a big fan of the darker, blood and guts creepy side (although I do enjoy a good horror film right about now). I love seeing the kids get excited about Halloween crafts, pumpkin carving and getting dressed up. There is also the kid Halloween movies and TV shows. Oh, and, there is the CANDY.

Is there any way to avoid the candy? Until about three years old, yes. After that though, it starts to get tough. When they hit five years old, it's near impossible. I'm not a square or anything but you don't have to be a square to cringe at the thought of all the candy and other junk Halloween presents to our kids (and us). For example, at my son's class party today - I was pleasantly surprised there was fruit, veggies and water for the snack options. Although, there was also Pirate's Booty (one of those foods people think is healthy but it's not) and ranch dressing from a bottle. Not the worst of spreads for the little ones though. But there was also those dreaded Oreo Cookies floating around (the Halloween version with the bright orange filling no less). Granted they were for a craft along with packaged marshmallows, food dye pens, packaged brownie bites and Hershey's Kisses. I think there may have been some sort of canned frosting as well to act as glue but I'm not sure, I wasn't helping at that station. Don't get me wrong, it's cool, I didn't forbid my son to participate nor did I say no when he wanted to eat that big, processed, decorated with food dye marshmallow on the walk home. I also said yes (5 minutes later) when he asked to eat (and share with his little brother) the two Oreo Cookies with frosting and a Hershey's Kiss on top. The brownie bite also disappeared during this mini junk fest.

Living here in the "medium" - I don't freak out about it. For Halloween, I don't try to avoid anything, I just do my best to keep the indulging contained to the day. Having a bowl of candy hanging around tomorrow and beyond is something I do avoid though. And that's why I utilize the Switch Witch! I heard about the concept of the Switch Witch a year or two ago. It's simple. If you leave your bag/bucket of candy out for her on Halloween night, she will come and get it and leave a surprise in return. My kids were sold the second they heard "surprise." I think everyone likely does this a little differently but what I do is have the kids pick two of their favorite candies from the bunch then leave the rest for the Switch Witch. It's like leaving cookies out for Santa. In the morning, they get to see what she left in place of their candy. So awesome. Lingering candy problem solved. And I don't look back (even if the kiddos regret, just a little, letting the witch have their candy). Now on to what November brings!

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