Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A cookbook to consider

While reading my facebook news feed this morning, I read this link from Slow Food USA's page about “The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living” by Mark Bittman. I'm certain it will be my next purchase.

The title speaks to me. Because really, food does matter. I know I sound like a broken record but too many people, too often don't realize this. If it mattered to more of us, fast food places would see a drop in sales and doctors would see less diet related health issues. I know firsthand how time consuming, costly (in some cases) and confusing eating well can be but that's exactly why I started this blog. To learn and share how to make eating good food everyday achievable and why it's important. Whether it's in big strides or baby steps, making good food a priority is within reach. And doing it Medium Food style is even easier!

Without having the book in hand yet (buying it through Amazon for $23.10 asap), I know it will deliver. 500 recipes? I. Can't. Wait.

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